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Body Care Gift Set 1

Body Care Gift Set 1

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This Gift set is the ideal present for general body care and includes all the following products:

Wooden Back Scratcher Bamboo

Vietnam Fragrant Wood - Body Foot Reflexology

Silicone Brushes Bath Towels Rubbing Back Massage Shower Body

Wood Roller Foot Massager for Stress Relief

Solid Wood Full-body Four Wheels Wooden Car Roller FOR Reflexology

10 PCS Finger Hand Massager Ring Health Care Set Home Use Acupressure Figure Massage Tools Relax

Detailed descriptions:

Wooden Back Scratcher Bamboo

Ideal reaching those difficult places on your back

Material: Wood
Category: Back Scratcher
Size: 45cm
Function: health itching
1*Wooden Back Scratcher

Vietnam Fragrant Wood 


Brand New and High quality.
Effectively improves blood circulation and makes you feel relax.
It is good for human health.
Made of wooden, smooth surface won't hurt your skin.
Small size and light weight, can be carried around.
Affordable family use.
Material: Fragrant Wood.
Note: because of the naturality of wood, the grain and weight may be different
Specially Suitable for Facial /Nose
Package Includes:

1 PCS X Facial Nose Gua Sha Scraping Tool