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Cellulite Care Gift Set

Cellulite Care Gift Set

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This gift set contains 5 items as below:

Hip Massager Roller for Slimming /Rolling Massage/ Anti Cellulite/ Body Massager Beauty Health Tool

Unique design, small & convenient.  Watching TV, reading, use as when you like.

Helps to detoxify your body as you massage your lymphatic system.

Good for use everyday. (use as long as you feel comfortable)

 Effect will be enhanced if you use it in the shower or with moisturiser after your shower.

Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 24 cm

Package: 1 x Hip Massager Roller 

2pcs Anti Cellulite Full Body Massage Brush Handheld 

The product is made from premium TRP and ABS material, soft and practical. It can massage deeply for a relaxing, effective and safe treatment, increasing blood circulation. It is ideal for use on thighs, hips, arms and belly and can be used regularly for affordable treatment of cellulite.

- Colour: Green and pink.
- Material: TPR and ABS.
- Size: Approx. 12 x 10 x 6cm.
- Fashionable with compact and delicate design.
- Portable, practical and easy to use.
- Easy to grip handle with large surface area makes it easy to use.
- Comfortable smooth rollers glide easily over your skins.
- Helps smoothen and tone spongy looking skin.

Hand-Held Natural Wood Wooden Massager Body Brush for  Cellulite Reduction

Give yourself a relaxing massage with this wooden body massager.

Simply slip your hand through the strap and the brush massager fits compactly into your palm.

Hand-sized massager with rounded nodules, soothing tired  muscles gently.

Set in a rubber cushion, can rub away stress and tension comfortably.

Colour:  Natural wood colour.

Overall Size (L x W): Approx. 4.7 x 2.6 inch / 12 x 6.6 cm.

Nub Length: Approx. 0.5 inch / 1.3 cm

Package Included:1 x Massager

Handheld Cellulite Massage Roller 


100% brand new and high quality
It can be used for any parts of your body which make you feel relaxed.
Rollers feels perfect, not too soft, not too hard.
It is a great treatment for cellulite.
Small, Lightweight, Easy to carry.

Material: Plastic
Function: Body massage

Quantity:1 Pcs
Suitable site: The legs. Neck, arms, back, etc.

Package included:
1Pcs * Body Massager Roller

Cellulite massager roller 1pc (Blue)  Fat Control Roller/ Leg Abdomen/ Neck /Buttock/ Fast Anti Cellulite/ Face Lift Tools roller

Benefits of Using Massager:
1. Stay away from sub-health.
2. Enhance human immunity.
Fixed position massage and targeted promotion of joints and soothes muscles, promoting blood circulation.
3. Improve the body function.
Massage can improve lymphatic drainage, relax muscles and maintain body balance.
4. Conditioning gastrointestinal function.
Massage can improve gastrointestinal function, promote metabolism, improve indigestion, relieve constipation and other symptoms.
5. Improve sleep quality.
6. Promote blood circulation.

Massage can increase the blood circulation of the muscles, help the endotoxin and metabolites of the cells to be excreted, making the body feel relaxed