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Deluxe Massage Stone Set (55 Piece)

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These naturally shaped basalt stones have been handpicked from volcanic riverbeds in Peru and tumbled to provide a beautifully smooth finish, perfect for massage.

The 55 Piece Deluxe Massage Stone Set contains a range of working basalt stones enough to perform a full body Hot Stone Massage as well as the specialist stones for a Hot Stone Reflexology treatment. These include 4 Cold Stones to incorporate cryotherapy into your treatment, 2 Trigger Point Stones for deep pressure and a  7 piece chakra set of semi-precious stones.

  • 6x Large Basalt Stone (7cm - 10cm)
  • 8x Medium Basalt Stones (5cm - 7cm)
  • 12x Small Basalt Stones (4cm - 5.5cm)
  • 8x Face Stones (3cm - 4cm)
  • 8x Toe Stones (2cm - 4cm)
  • 2x Trigger Stones (7cm - 8cm)
  • 4x Small Cold Stones (4cm - 5cm)
  • 7x Chakra Stones (1cm - 1.5cm)
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