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VULSINI LUX Duo Plus Warm Bamboo Bundle

VULSINI LUX Duo Plus Warm Bamboo Bundle

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Designed to hold enough sticks or stones for a full body massage, the British hand made VULSINI LUX Duo Plus Pad gives the therapist the freedom to travel anywhere to perform a warm bamboo massage. Preheat the VULSINI Duo Plus Pad at home to have the sticks heated and ready for the treatment.

Package of contents:

  • VULSINI LUX Duo Plus Heating Pad
    • 1 x VULSINI Reheat/Wash bags
    • VULSINI Thermometer
    • Temperature Controller
    • AC Power Cord & Power Supply Unit
    • Car Lighter adaptor
    • Instruction Manual
  • 8 Piece Bamboo Stick Set
  • Midi Bamboo Poster Pack (6)
  • 2 x VULSINI Stone Wash Bags
  • Wooden Face Roller
  • Neck/Pillow Basalt Stone
  • Toe Stone Add-On (8)
  • Face Stone Add-On (3)

Bag Dimensions:

  • Bag Exterior Dimensions: 64cm x 27cm x 6cm
  • Bag Interior Dimensions: 60cm x 26cm x 6cm
  • Gross weight: 1.2kg

      8 Piece Bamboo Stick Set

      The 8 piece set consists of:

      • 1 Long - 56cm x 3cm
      • 1 Medium - 38cm x 3cm
      • 1 Slim Medium - 38cm x 1.5cm
      • 1 Short - 16cm x 3cm
      • 2 Half Short - 16cm x 3cm
      • 2 Tapotement bamboo sticks - 38cm x 2cm

      Our bamboo sticks are harvested in South East Asia, steam pressed and shaped to create solid sticks perfect for massage. With a range of different sizes, there are enough bamboo sticks to provide a wonderfully relaxing and complete full body massage. Similar to hot stone massage, the bamboo sticks act as an extension of your hands, making it easier on your hands and wrists.

      Not only is bamboo incredibly strong, it is also eco-friendly. One of the fastest growing plants on Earth, bamboo is a highly renewable resource.