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5 Piece Natural Horn Scraping Plate Set

5 Piece Natural Horn Scraping Plate Set

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5 Piece Natural Horn Scraping Plate Set


The horn scraping board is the best scraping device in folk traditions. The material used is horn. 

1.Preventive health effects.
Scraping treatment is intended for the body surface. Skin is the most exposed part of the body to the outside world, and responsible for defence from environment.
2.Therapeutic effect 
▪Scraping regulates healthy muscle and good circulation.
▪Scraping is an effective method to eliminate pain and muscle tension and spasms. 
Firstly it strengthens the local circulation and increases the tissue temperature and the secondly it increases the pain threshold by using a scraping plate as a tool with a variety of techniques.
  • Presentation Box
  • 5 Pieces (Comb/Square/S/Triangle Shapes)