JING hot stone massage set

JING Massage Stone Set

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Custom designed by JING Advanced Massage Training, this 45 piece stone set has been created to accompany JING's Hot Stone Massage Course. The highest quality naturally shaped basalt stones are hand selected to include a range of working and placement stones.

This 45 piece JING Advanced stone set consists of:

  • 1 Sacrum/XL Basalt Stone (9cm - 14cm)
  • 6 Oblong Basalt Stones (10cm - 13cm)
  • 8 Large Basalt Stones (7cm - 9cm)
  • 10 Medium Basalt Stones (6cm - 8cm)
  • 6 Small Basalt Stones (4cm - 5.5cm)
  • 6 Face Basalt Stones (3cm - 4cm)
  • 8 Toe Basalt Stones (2cm - 3cm)