Skin Renew (60ml)

Skin Renew (60ml)

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Skin Renew  is botanical oestrogen replacing cream to protect against skin aging & wrinkling and to boost skin quality.

Yin Yang Skin Renew is an intricate combination of naturally occurring youth restoring vitamins, minerals, plant oils, juices and proteins, scientifically balanced at pH 4.5 and subtly fragranced with essential oils of Sweet Orange and delicious Geranium, traditionally used in aromatherapy to reduce wrinkling.

Here is a promise of new vitality for maturing skin. Following menopause the oestrogen levels are low and progesterone is no longer secreted, resulting in loss of skin elasticity and resilience.

Four exceptional ingredients have been combined to re-establish the youthful skin tone. These are Wheat Germ Oil with super anti-oxidant Vitamin E, fermented organic soya protein to provide cell regenerating amino acids and phyto oestrogens, Zinc PCA to support healthy collagen and prevent wrinkle formation, plus essential oil of Carrot Seed to release Vitamin A and skin rejuvenating Carotol.

Natural Ingredients

Acidophilus, Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil of Carrot Seed, Essential Oil od Sweet Orange, Emulsifier, Geranium Oil, Parabens Free Perservative, Soya, Water, Wheatgerm Oil, Zinc

Instructions For Use

Skin Renew is an integral part of facial care after the menopause. Use once or twice daily, after Yin Yang Skin Cleanser and Orange Flower Tonic, all over the body, face and neck. An easily absorbed cream, Skin Renew can be used under make-up to feed and moisturise the skin throughout the day and repair it at night. Always patch test before use.