VULSINI heating bag and basalt stone set for hot stone full body massage therapy

VULSINI Hot Stone Bag + Premium Advanced Hot & Cold Stone Set (56)

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Please note: Due to high demand, the 'VULSINI Hot Stone Bag' will be dispatched within 8 weeks.

Designed to hold enough stones for a full body massage, the British designed VULSINI bag gives the therapist the freedom to travel anywhere to perform a hot stone massage. Preheat the VULSINI bag at home to have the stones heated and ready for the treatment.

The 56 piece stone set included in this kit is the full stone set as used in our Training DVD which contains a range of basalt working and placement stones along with cold and energy stones, enough to perform a full body Hot Stone and Cold stone Massage.

Package of contents:

  • VULSINI Hot Stone Bag
  • 56 Piece Advanced Stone Set
  • 2 x VULSINI Stone Wash-Bags
  • VULSINI Thermometer
  • AC power cord
  • Car lighter adaptor
  • Instruction manual

56 Piece Basalt Stone Set:

Working Stones (29)

  • 4 Large Basalt Stones (10cm x 8cm x 3cm)
  • 8 Medium Basalt Stones (8cm x 6cm x 3cm)
  • 6 Small Basalt Stones (6cm x 5cm x 2cm)
  • 3 Facial Basalt Stones (3cm - 4cm)
  • 8 Toe Basalt Stones (2cm - 3cm)

Placement Stones (6)

  • 1 x Sacrum (9cm - 14cm)
  • 1 x Large Contour/Pillow (8cm - 14cm)
  • 4 x Medium Contour (9cm x 5cm x 2cm)

Energy Stones (8)

  • 7 x Chakra
  • 1 x Labradorite

Cold Stones (13)

  • 2 Large (8cm x 2cm)
  • 4 Medium (6.5cm x 2cm) 
  • 2 Small (5cm x 1.5cm)
  • 3 Face (4cm x 1cm)
  • 2 Eye (half moon)

Bag dimensions:

  • Exterior: 47cm x 32.5cm x 10cm (18.7 x 12.79 x 3.93 inches)
  • Interior: 42.5cm x 28cm x 6.5cm  (16.73 x 11.02 x 2.56 inches)
  • Gross weight: 3.5 kilograms