VULSINI heating bag for hot stone full body massage therapy

VULSINI Hot Stone Heating Bag

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Please note: Due to high demand, the 'VULSINI Hot Stone Bag' will be dispatched within 8 weeks.

Designed to hold enough stones for a full body massage, the British designed VULSINI bag gives the therapist the freedom to travel anywhere to perform a hot stone massage. Preheat the VULSINI bag at home to have the stones heated and ready for the treatment.

Package of contents:

  • VULSINI Hot Stone Bag
  • 2 x Vulsini stone wash-bags
  • VULSINI thermometer
  • AC power cord
  • Car lighter adaptor
  • Instruction manual

Bag dimensions:

  • Exterior: 47cm x 32.5cm x 10cm (18.7 x 12.79 x 3.93 inches)
  • Interior: 42.5cm x 28cm x 6.5cm  (16.73 x 11.02 x 2.56 inches)
  • Gross weight: 3.5 kilograms