VULSINI LUX Mini Bag and basalt stone set for hot stone reflexology massage therapy - sally earlam association of reflexologists

VULSINI LUX Mini Pad + Premium Hot Stone Reflexology Kit (36)

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We are pleased to launch the new Mini Pad in Limited Edition fabrics. Made in England, the LUX Mini Pads have been hand crafted using premium classic fabrics.

The VULSINI LUX Mini Pad has been designed to heat Hot Stones used in Hot Stone Massage treatments and features single-sided heating. It is designed to hold enough stones for specialist massage treatments such as Manicure & Pedicure Stone Massage, Facial Stone Massage and Hot Stone Reflexology, as well as being light and portable. The VULSINI Mini Pad now makes it even easier to transport and store basalt stones, providing an all-in-one solution for therapists.

Our stones have been naturally shaped into rounded and consistently sized pieces. Available in a range of sizes to suit various body areas and massage techniques, this set contains a mix of hand-shaped and natural basalt and marble stones.

Package of contents:

  • VULSINI LUX Mini Pad
  • 36 piece stone kit
  • 1 x VULSINI reheat/wash bag
  • VULSINI Thermometer
  • AC power cord
  • Car lighter adaptor
  • Instruction manual

36 Piece Hot Stone Reflexology Set:

Enough stones for a deluxe Hot & Cold Stone Reflexology treatment, this set has been specially designed by Reflexology Lecturer Sally Earlam and consists of 24 naturally shaped and handpicked basalt stones, 4 marble cold stones, 7 chakra and 1 cleansing labradorite stone:

  • 6 Large Basalt Stones (10cm x 8cm x 3cm)
  • 4 Medium Basalt Stones (8cm x 6cm x 3cm)
  • 4 Small Basalt Stones
  • 2 Trigger Stones
  • 8 Toe Basalt Stones (2cm - 3cm)
  • 4 Small Cold Stones (5cm x 1.5cm)
  • 7 Chakra Stones
  • 1 Labradorite

Bag dimensions:

  • Bag Exterior Dimensions: 31cm x 25cm x 6cm

  • Bag Interior Dimensions: 28cm x 20cm x 5cm

  • Bag Net Weight: 0.85kgs