1       Wash each stone individually in warm, soapy water before oiling and after use.  Use a small scrub brush to clean each one thoroughly. Rinse well and set them aside to dry naturally.

2        Hold the stone in one hand and place a drop of jojoba oil in the center of the stone.  Adding a touch of a scented essential oil is optional which will allow the jojoba oil to carry the scent of the essential oil and prevent the stone from becoming rancid.

3        Rub the oil onto the surface of the basalt massage stone with your other hand. When the first side is coated, turn the stone over and rub the oil onto the other side. Turn the stone over in both hands several times ensuring that it is evenly coated.

4        Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for all the other natural basalt massage stones. Place the stones in a heater ready for use or store them until the next time you need them.


  •   Vulsini recommends you periodically restore energy to your natural basalt massage stones by placing  them in a running stream for a short period or place them outside when there is a full moon.. If you do not have access to a stream, you can run them in cool water under a shower
  •   Use lavender oil along with jojoba oil for a relaxing scent. Vary the scent with your clients depending on their needs.

     Mineral or baby oil can be used as an alternative to jojoba although it is better to use natural, non petroleum based oil


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