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Chakra Stone Set

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Chakra comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘wheel’, referring to the concentrated energy centres throughout the human body. 

Originating from Tantric Hindu & Buddhist practices, Chakra stones are gemstones which magnify or balance the energy centre you choose to work on; enabling optimum function of the associated organs or glands.

Illness or stress can cause blockage or clouding of Chakras, so there are practices which can clear or realign them. Some people find Chakra healing also provides relief from physical conditions. 

For example, many practitioners use Chakra stones for Reiki – an ancient Japanese healing technique. This practice works with the universal, omnipotent energy called Qi. Also known as Chi (Chinese), Prana (Indian), or the Holy Spirit

Each Chakra requires a certain type of crystal to enable the healing benefits – this is based on the colour, energetic quality and how each gemstone personally resonates with you. 

  • 7 semi-precious stones
  • 1-2cm each (approx.)
  • Carry pouch inclided

This set consists of the following stones:

  • Red Jasper (Base
  • Carnelian (Sacral)
  • Citrine / Golden Tiger Eye (Solar Plexus)
  • Green Aventurine (Heart)
  • Light Blue Onyx / Blue Chalcedony (Throat)
  • Dark Blue Onyx / Sodalite (Third Eye)
  • Amethyst (Crown)