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VULSINI At Home - Beginner's Hot Stone Kit

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You’ve taken the first step to learning this rich, ancient skill. Included in the VULSINI At Home Kit is the basic equipment to learn and perform a simple hot stone massage routine for your friends and family in the comfort of your own home. With our easy to read illustrated guide and a simple set up to get your stones heated, this is the perfect introduction to giving hot stone massages.

As with any type of bodywork, damage can be done when care is not taken and therefore we advise you to read this manual thoroughly before attempting a hot stone massage. That being said, when correctly administered a hot stone massage is deeply relaxing and greatly beneficial, both physiologically and psychologically. Hot stone massage is a perfect way to nurture our body and mind and we hope that you enjoy giving and receiving hot stone massages to friends and loved ones.

Important Note: To perform massage professionally you must have completed the appropriate professional training courses. The VULSINI At Home kit is not a substitute for professional training and has been designed for use in a non-commercial environment.

Who is this Kit for?

The VULSINI At Home Kit has been designed as an easy to follow and simple to use introduction for anyone with an interest in massage but without any previous experience. 

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is a specialist type of massage therapy that involves the use of smooth, heated basalt stones. More than just placing hot stones on the body, the heated stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands, kneading and gliding over sore and tired muscles. The heat and pressure from the stones penetrates deep to relax the muscles and boost the metabolism, encouraging circulation and helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

How do I use this kit?

Heat up your massage stones with the simple to use VULSINI Heating Bag and follow the VULSINI At Home Beginner's Illustrated Guide to give a full body massage, or just massage one or two areas at a time.

Package of Contents:

  • VULSINI At Home Illustrated Guide
  • VULSINI Mini Heating Bag
    • 1 x VULSINI Reheat/Wash Bag
    • VULSINI Thermometer
    • AC Power Cord + Power Supply Unit
    • Car Lighter Adaptor
    • Instruction Manual (for Heating Bag)
  • 24 Piece Basalt Stone Set
  • Hot Stone Ambient Music Download

    Please note: USA & AUS compatible power cords are not included, but are available here

    24 Piece Stone Set:

    • 2 Large Basalt Stones (7cm - 9cm)
    • 8 Medium Basalt Stones (6cm - 8cm)
    • 6 Small Basalt Stones (4cm - 5.5cm)
    • 8 Toe Basalt Stones (2cm - 3cm)