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Building Your Massage Business During The Festive Period

Building Your Massage Business During The Festive Period

It is safe to say that this year has been one of the hardest in recent times and many businesses that were with us at the beginning of 2020 may no longer be here now.

 The Christmas period will be strange for many, with families continuing to be split, and trying to find that perfect gift can be even more stressful for some.

To try and get your customers back – either now or in the new year – why not offer gift vouchers?  These are the ideal treat for anyone who has struggled this year – workers, business owners, parents and those that just need a break!  It is also worth remembering that many people have had reduced income through furlough or job loss and may not be able to afford to treat themselves meaning a gift voucher under the tree will be even more welcomed.

 By offering gift vouchers to your clients not only are you helping them show a loved one they care, but you are also generating future business, a win/win whichever way you look at it!  Make sure you promote your offerings not only in your setting but also on your social media pages and website or booking platform so people know what you offer, and when!

And do not forget that client list!  Email your clients with an image of your gift voucher (these could be made in free apps such as Canva) so they also know that you are offering them.  Another extra step to show you care is to add a code onto the voucher so that the user can enter it online rather than having to collect it, something that is still being discouraged.

As well as Christmas offers you need to start thinking about 2021.  While it is unclear what the new year will bring, by treating your loyal clients you can start to see bookings come in throughout January.  A ‘Blue Monday’ offer or even a 10% thank you to those who have booked with you throughout the year is always welcomed and brings repeat custom.

It is also important to take stock and reflect on your offerings.  If there is an area that you would like to move into why not look at whether this is a viable option.  There are many facilities that provide training, such as our affiliated training providers, which you can see here, and this could be the next step into a prosperous 2021!

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