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HOW TO: Make a Hot Stone Massage Career from Home

HOW TO: Make a Hot Stone Massage Career from Home

Hot stone massage is a great career to get into, and if you're thinking of starting a business from home, here are some handy hints and tips that will help you to get started.

1)  Set up your space

It is important that your massage space reflects the appropriate mood, temperature and environment that clients will expect from a massage service and this normally means a room that is as much like a miniature spa environment as possible. Lighting, scents and music all contribute to this feeling as well as high levels of cleanliness and sanitation, along with certificates and qualifications on display. We would also recommend that you wear a uniform when you are practicing from home so that your clients feel they are getting a really good, professional treatment from you. Remember, it's all in the detail!

2)  Get online

Most people who are seeking relief from tension and pain will not immediately think of hot stone massage, and so it is important that you are online, and expressing the benefits of hot stone massage as efficiently as possible. Many potential clients will not feel the level of trust that is necessary for a massage if you do not have an online presence. And nowadays there are a number of easy-to-use, professional looking and affordable website platforms (we use!)

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are also great ways of telling people about what you do. You're probably already familiar with at least one social media platform, so make sure to start building your business brand!

There are also a number of online directories and communities for complementary health therapists and so make sure you are as visible as possible, and start getting connected to your market.

 3)  Give vouchers to existing clients

Once you've attracted a client, giving them a discount voucher to give to friends and family members, or to use on their next visit is a good way of converting your client into an advertising machine. Recommendations and positive reviews from existing clients are almost twice as effective as adverts when it comes to generating clients, so if you can give your client the motivation to recommend you, and reward your new customers with a discount, you are onto a winning marketing strategy that will generate more business for you in a very cost effective way.

4)  Be mobile

Being a mobile therapist creates infinitely more opportunities than staying in one place. Having a heater and a massage table that you can transport easily, will not only get you out of the house a little, but will also encourage business by making your service more accessible to less mobile clients. This is especially true of hot stone massage, which is traditionally limited to being available in spas and complimentary health centres.

5)  Be efficient

When you're working with hot stones, you are working with tools that take their time to heat, and require cleaning after every use. Although there are many equipment options available to you, it’s best to spend on equipment that will give you as many options as possible, such as equipment that is quick to set-up and use, can be used for multiple therapies and equipment that you can easily carry from location to location in or out of the home.

Massage sessions are normally one hour to ninety minutes, and so your clients do not expect to wait an extra twenty to thirty minutes for their treatment to start. The more time you are able to shave off of your preparation time, the better it will be for you in the long term.

Good luck!


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