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What's in it for you? How can a bamboo massage benefit the therapist.

What's in it for you? How can a bamboo massage benefit the therapist.

Clients! Just kidding. Yes, of course adding the very fashionable Warm Bamboo Massage to your list of offerings will no doubt win you more clients, but there is a lot more to jumping on the Bamboo bandwagon then gaining some extra customers.

Bamboo has a particular texture which makes it particularly good for increasing blood flow, with many clients commenting on the particular feeling of bamboo on the skin. For the therapist, this means that you can warm up your client and start working on areas of tension without too much wrist and finger strain, as the bamboo takes most of the impact, allowing you to apply as much or as little pressure to target areas for a whole day without suffering yourself. This can give you the edge for deep tissue work that larger, more muscular clients want.

Bamboo sticks also come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to roll your client like a rolling pin, or use smaller pieces for difficult areas such as the neck and shoulder regions, which are key areas whenever a client is presenting with stress.

The heat element is our personal favourite (well, we are hot stone people after all!). Combining massage with heat is always a bonus, and Warm Bamboo massage is just a different shaped, different textured utensil that you can heat up and use on your client, and we have yet to meet a massage therapist who doesn’t notice the benefits of applying heat to tense areas.

Last, but by no means least, Bamboo massage is super cool, and making headlines which means free PR for any massage therapist currently working with or thinking of working with Bamboo. If your clients are not asking about it yet, they most certainly will do soon!

If you're thinking about Bamboo massage, or if you're practicing it already, please tell us your experience so we can share on our blog!

Good luck!


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