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How to promote hot stone massage as the perfect ‘back to school’ treat

How to promote hot stone massage as the perfect ‘back to school’ treat

With the children finally returning to school after six months at home, families are getting back to some kind of normality at last. And with a little extra time to themselves, now could be the perfect opportunity for mums and dads to take advantage of a little ‘me time’ by booking in a hot stone massage. 

As a therapist, it is important to tap into topical themes and trends, so putting together a back to school offer could be the ideal way to remind your clients that you are available and on hand to put their stresses and strains at ease! Here are a few ideas to help promote your hot stone massage services to this particular audience:

Run a specific promotion during school hours

Consider running a promotion between the hours of 9.30-2.30pm Monday-Friday, as this will typically be the time that children are in school or nursery. Offering a special deal during these hours will not only entice parents to book in, but will mean that you can still offer your full prices to those who wish to book in at other times. This window tends to be less busy for most therapists than later in the day or evenings, so it’s also a great way to fill up the quieter times in your diary with bookings. 

Recommend a friend incentives

Now that the schools are back, many parents are catching up with friends that they’ve not seen for a while, even if it is a fleeting hello as they cross paths whilst they drop their children off at their classroom. It could be useful to create a ‘recommend a friend’ incentive, where your existing customers could refer you to their friends. Any bookings you receive could result in either money off or even an entirely free treatment depending on the value of new bookings you receive. Many parents are feeling the effects of a long period of time at home with the children, so a stress-busting massage could be their best investment this month!

Gift cards and packages

Gift cards and special packages have appeal all year round but now is a great time to encourage people to buy gift cards for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, milestones or just as a much needed treat for someone special. With limitations on meeting out in groups, there is going to be much more of a focus on activities which can be enjoyed in small groups or entirely alone, so booking in a couple of hours of peace and relaxation for a massage for someone could be the perfect gift choice this year. 


Remember of course, that safety should remain your top priority, so continue to follow the COVID-safe guidelines for keeping your treatment space clean, hygienic and risk free. Make sure you remain stocked up on essential items, such as our pack of 50 disposable face masks, so that you’ll always be ready and prepared for the next customer. 

If you’d like a refresher course in hot stone massage or are thinking of adding it to your collection of services for the first time, our hot and cold stone massage training digital download is available at a limited time for just £8 (RRP£15). 

The next few months are going to be tough for many businesses, including those in the health and wellbeing sector, but by focusing on the opportunities to generate new business and build up your clientele, you can ensure that you’ve done all you can to weather the storm and keep your business going. 

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