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A Guide to Cold Stone Cryotherapy

A Guide to Cold Stone Cryotherapy

If you are already offering hot stone massages to your clients, now could be time to consider adding Cold Stone Cryotherapy to your massage therapy services.

You will already know the benefits hot stone massage can bring to your clients, both in the form of relaxation and to help alleviate aches, pains and a variety of other existing conditions. The application of heat naturally causes muscles to relax and tension to subside, which helps to enhance the massage experience and allows therapists to work much deeper within the muscles. But can the same be said for Cold Stone massages too?

Cold Stone massage is also known as Cold Stone Therapy or Cryotherapy. It works on the basis of heat transfer, so by applying a cooler object to a place on the body that has a warmer temperature, such as where there is inflammation, the cold stones can absorb the excess heat and help to restore balance to the affected area. 

Cryotherapy is thought to provide a number of benefits which include improving circulation, tackling specific issues such as sports injuries and helping to treat many types of inflammation. Therapeutic benefits have also been experienced in patients suffering from nerve pain and related conditions, including sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome and menstrual cramps. When applied to the face in the form of a cold stone facial, they can be used to alleviate migraines, both in terms of frequency and severity of symptoms, as well as treat sinus pain or inflammation caused by allergies. 

What’s more, Cryotherapy can be used where hot stone or normal massages are not suitable. This could include clients who have sunburn or nerve pain for example, or it could just be an alternative treatment to offer in the summer months, where demand for hot stone massages tends to dwindle a little due to the hot weather. 

If you are planning to offer Cold Stone Cryotherapy at various locations, our VULSINI Cold Stone Set is the ideal solution. If you want to learn how to master the art of Cold Stone Cryotherapy, our Massage Training DVD Collection includes four training DVDs filmed in collaboration with the London School of Complementary Health, and provide expert guidance in Hot + Cold Stone Massage, Warm Bamboo Massage, Hot + Cold Stone Manicure and Pedicure and Hot + Cold Stone Facial. 

Adding Cold Stone Cryotherapy to your massage offering has never been easier and there’s plenty of time to get yourself fully trained before spas and salons reopen fully for business following the Coronavirus pandemic.

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