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5 Interesting Facts About Bamboo

5 Interesting Facts About Bamboo

Bamboo, essentially a tropical plant, belongs to the grass category, and is the tallest and fastest growing specimen. It grows in clusters and flowers after long gaps. Some varieties are known to flower once in 120 years! Here are five interesting facts about bamboo:

1. Bamboo shoots have rich medicinal use and may be applied on sores and lesions. These have rich fiber content. Its juice can be fermented into a beer froth, which applies as a delectable drink. They also have antioxidant qualities.

2. Bamboo is extremely pliable and thus bamboo houses are quite preferred in earthquake-prone areas. It has been seen that during extensive earthquakes, all buildings fell down except bamboo houses which swayed back and forth but held its ground.

3. Bamboo is a great asset for the environment as it intakes about 30-35% more carbon than even sturdy hardwood trees. Likewise, it generates an equal ratio of oxygen into the environment.

4. Bamboo regenerates without replanting. Thus, they easily weed off large amounts of water; ensuring reduction of soil erosion. It helps to whisk away excessive rainwater, and therefore grows extensively around river banks.

5. Bamboo is quite light and is extensively used in the construction of various things. Whilst bamboo floors look quite fascinating, it is also used in erecting scaffolds and making droning pipes, flutes and even helmets. Bamboo bark also resolves into paper and has been instrumental in the running of the paper industry.

Bamboo may be an odd-looking variety of grass, but it is highly effective and knows its job.



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