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Keeping yourself healthy when your work setting reopens

Keeping yourself healthy when your work setting reopens

Earlier this month the government announced that the beauty industry in England is allowed to finally reopen its doors after being closed for nearly four months. 

While this is a welcome relief for business owners up and down the country there are many aspects that will have to be taken into account.

Many business owners will be tempted to open for long hours, seven days a week to try and see all their clients that have not been able to book an appointment since the end of last year.  Although this can be seen as a good sign it is also something to be wary about as employees could suffer from burn out, especially if you are working for yourself.

Therefore it is imperative that you set aside time for yourself, give your employees appropriate time off – and breaks – and ensure that when things progress to a more manageable state you are still able to provide your service.

A few good ways to alleviate the stress of the upcoming weeks is to start your day off with a warm up and wake up your muscles from sleep, ready for the day ahead.  Doing this each morning, followed by a healthy breakfast and a cup of hot water and lemon, will help your mind and body be ready to tackle the day.

If you are massaging for most of your day you need to increase the number of arm and hand exercises you carry out during your day. This is to fight back against ailments such as repetitive strain injury, cramps and muscle strain.  It is also good for your back.  Doing just five minutes of exercise between appointments could be the difference between being in pain at the end of your shift.

Finally, it is important to provide yourself and your staff with personal protective equipment.  Face coverings – available from VULSINI - are essential to preventing the spread of coronavirus, as are disposable gloves, hand sanitiser and regularly washing your hands.


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