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The benefits of an Indian head massage

The benefits of an Indian head massage

The last few months has seen economic mayhem throughout both the UK and the world and thanks to the cost of living crisis, our wellbeing and mental health is at danger of suffering.

Many of us carry our stress in our shoulders, neck, upper back and head, causing headaches, backache and a stiff neck. While juggling work and family life can sometimes be difficult, making time for yourself can help reduce the tension you could be carrying around, improving both your wellbeing and mental health.

While all massages are good for us, Indian head massages specifically targets these tense areas meaning they are the perfect stress buster for headaches.

 Originating in India, the head massage is based on the ayurvedic system of healing and involves a combination of traditional Indian techniques alongside movements from Swedish massage. Stretching and massaging muscles in the affected areas with oil, these massages have been known to provide relief from headaches and migraines.

There are many other benefits of a head massage including the reduction of anxiety thanks to the ability to help lower any raised blood pressure. And thanks to the relaxing qualities of these massages, the recipient often has a more restful, deeper sleep.

Spending time hunched over our laptops or mobile phones is causing back and neck pain and by relaxing the muscles in the neck, you can not only reduce the pain but also improve joint mobility.

 These massages can be very relaxing so it is important that you are fully alert before you make your way home. If you are in a massage provider’s setting they should provide you with water before you leave however it is also beneficial to drink plenty of water before your appointment.

To get the most from your treatment try and schedule your appointment when you have a clear day afterwards. You should also avoid smoking, alcohol and caffeine and, although it is tempting, do not bathe at least until the next day to allow the oils used time to settle.

 It is also beneficial to have a relaxing evening following your massage however with many of us having busy family lives it can be difficult to do this.

 If you are a massage provider offering Indian head massages it is important you have the right oils for this treatment. At Vulsini we have a range of massage oils that can help with relaxing, reviving and restoring.

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