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Massage for wellbeing

Massage for wellbeing

It is a well-known fact that massage can help you with injuries, tension and muscle pain but it can also help with your wellbeing.

Stress is a large part of every day life – especially during the last few years with the pandemic and, most recently, the cost of living crisis – and massage can play an important part of your wellbeing, including your mind, body and even your soul!

While massage can help us relax and is even seen as a little ‘treat’ to ourselves, it can also provide some much needed relief. It can seem that our minds never switch off so regular massages can help relaxation which can reduce stress. Other positives of massages are the benefits they have for depression, anxiety and even headaches. Having a massage later in the day can also boost the quality of your sleep, in turn providing you with a more productive time the next day.

Coping with stress can be very damaging as it can affect not just your health but your daily routine and the lives of your family and those around you. By having regular massages you can fight the stress hormones making you feel more refreshed and relaxed – and potentially reducing fatigue, which can also have an effect on your sleeping pattern.

Regular massages can also work with you to keep your posture in check. We’re all guilty of sitting hunched over our computer or phones causing ‘hunchbacks’. Treatment such as massage – either sports, deep tissue or even aromatherapy – can reduce the stress and pain in the affected areas.

Finally, while your body and mind are important aspects of you that get worked on, our soul is an area that can be forgotten about. However, the relaxing aspects of a massage can refresh your energy, giving you a new sense of being and reducing negative energies that are in your body. The feeling of being treated can also give comfort, allowing a sense of being looked after to grow within and encouraging positive energy to overcome any negativity still lingering.

While we encourage you to visit your local massage therapist, it is also important to maintain yourself by carrying out massage at home. A hand and arm massage while you’re taking a break from work can be just the action needed to help you through your day. We have a great range of Vulsini at Home products, including massage oils, perfect for those times you can’t get to the salon.

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