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Why sports massage could benefit your setting

Why sports massage could benefit your setting

The last few months has seen a flurry of activity in the sporting world with events including the Tour de France, Euro2020 and Wimbledon already finished and both the Olympics and Paralympics starting soon.

With every sporting event comes an increase in sporting injuries, from the professionals, the amateurs and particularly those starting out in the sport who may have overstretched what they thought they could do!

One of the most underrated forms of massage is sport massage which can not only help with sporting injuries, but also assist in the pre-sport preparation.

Described as similar to Swedish massage, many top athletes have sessions before training and competing, ensuring that they work with a therapist who will learn their body and see what it needs. Each body is different so using different techniques can help the athlete get a more targeted massage - increasing the benefits and results.

Pre-event sports massages can be used to ‘waken’ weak muscles and make sure they are in their best condition before any strenuous activity is put on them, ensuring the body is prepared for the upcoming physical activity and potentially reducing the risk of injury.

Research has shown that athletes receiving a pre-event sports massage often notice other benefits as well, such as their strength increasing or lower blood pressure.

Meanwhile post event sports massages can help with recovery as it can help reduce - or even remove - blood lactate, an issue that occurs when tissues have not received enough oxygen during anaerobic metabolism.

While clients often prefer a more relaxing massage, a sports massage can include the assessment of an injury as well as aid with the recovery. Feedback is important during massages - many clients prefer to stay quiet during a relaxing massage - so sports massage enables you to discuss the injury or issue with your client, find out what they are looking for, how they were injured and what they want to do next.

By offering sports massage you could boost your clientele as potentially more athletes may visit your setting, especially if you live in an area where there is a growing amateur sporting community.

Furthermore, many sporting organisations employ their own massage therapist to concentrate on their players meaning you could work within your favourite sport. This could either be on a full time or freelance basis, allowing you to continue to build your massage setting.

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