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Why choose hot stones for your massage

Why choose hot stones for your massage

 Hot Stone Massage may seem like it is the latest fad however the therapy can be traced back more than 2,000 years ago, with the Chinese using heated stones to help their internal organs work to the best of their ability.

 Although this is the biggest theory around the origins of hot stone massage, there is also evidence of hot stones being used in both religious ceremonies as well as throughout folklore. The records state that the practice was to help with a patient’s ailments and records have been discovered not only throughout Europe but also in India, Egypt, the Americas and Africa.

The stones themselves were seen to be beneficial in promoting good health with many not just laying the stones on bodies as part of a massage, but also wearing the stones – sometimes as part of an item of jewellery.

 The benefits of stones are widespread and include helping women with period pains when heated, while some healers liked to use them cold to aid with any bleeding after the birth of a child.

 It has also been recorded that in Ancient Greece stone massage treatments were used alongside the Roman baths. It was said that the blend of the cool stones and pools alongside the hot baths brought good health.

Stone massage only started to become popular throughout the Western world in the early nineties and has continued to grow in popularity around the world. Many massage therapists now add this type of treatment to their offerings and, with the invention of the VULSINI Heating Bag – and now the VULSINI Mini Heating Bag, mobile therapists have also been able to provide the service.

If your setting is looking at providing a wider variety of massage techniques we believe Hot Stone Massage should be on your list. At VULSINI we can support you with everything you need to provide this service, from the equipment to recommending training providers. For more information on hot stone massage – and to see what we have on offer – visit

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