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Key benefits of massage in the summer months

Key benefits of massage in the summer months

For many, a massage in the warmer months could seem counterproductive with many believing that the pressure and subsequent reactions could make them feel unwell in the outside heat.

However this is not the case. Yes you need to ensure you drink plenty of water after your massage, but you need to do this anyway. Massage in the summer months can actually be beneficial.

For instance, many people feel the need to up the amount of exercise they do in order to get or maintain that ‘beach body’. While it is important to stay in shape all year round extra exertion can increase the number of injuries picked up. Having regular massages can help keep your muscles limber and can also reduce any inflammation caused by the extra work they are being made to do.

While you may automatically be thinking that running causes the most injuries we also see many injuries from cycling, skiing and even yoga. Whatever activity you decide to take part in looking after yourself before, during and after should be one of your main concerns.

Another good reason to continue with massages in the summer months is stress. You may be asked to pick up extra shifts or work in your employment to cover colleagues’ holidays. Or your children are on that seemingly never-ending school holiday. Whatever the reason you still need to take time out for you and that is where partaking in regular massages can help. Massage releases ‘feel good’ chemicals in your body – dopamine and endorphins – that enable you to relax and unwind. This also applies to you if you struggle with anxiety or depression.

It is easy to feel that the UK does not have hot weather but comparing temperatures in the mid 20s to the standard 9 or 10 degrees means we actually do! The heat and humidity can make you feel more tired than usual, a bit sluggish and in some cases slightly nauseous. However, there are also some who find that swelling occurs when they get hot. Heat swelling can take its toll on your body, especially if you are sitting or standing for long periods for work, are pregnant or just spending more time in the warmer weather than normal. Having a massage can reduce the swelling, especially if your masseuse pushes the lymph towards the lymph nodes, filtering it into your kidneys and eventually releasing out of your body.

If you’re still unsure why not book a session of cold stone therapy? Not only can this type of treatment boost circulation, help in the recovery of sports injuries and ease migraines, it can also cool down the muscles as well as your skin. This can have a calming effect on your body helping you to feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Of course a massage should be part of your regular self-maintenance routine but in those warmer months, make sure you take care of yourself.

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