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Make 2022 the year of YOU!

Make 2022 the year of YOU!

January is always a time when we are told we need to sit back and reflect, both on the year we have had and the year we would like. However, this often means that many of us are trying to ‘change’ ourselves during what seems to be one of the longest months of the year.

We have all heard ‘New Year new you’ or ‘new you for 22’ but what about the you that is already here? It is easy to feel pressured into changing who you are for a number of reasons but the one thing you must remember is that actually, you’re pretty awesome already.

If you have either struggled to keep a resolution – or maybe didn’t make one for that very reason – why not try making time for yourself instead? Take up that hobby you keep putting off, make time to see those friends or family members that maybe you haven’t been able to see over the last two years, or why not try a new treatment each month?

Whether you are already someone who likes to head to the spa or you wouldn’t know your basalt from your sea salt, there is a treatment waiting for you.

 Many massage settings now offer a range of massages including aromatherapy, deep tissue or sports massage. However there is a growing demand for a wider variety of massages.

 Massages such as hot stone, Himalayan salt stone or even warm bamboo can provide a different result to a ‘traditional’ massage. As well as being a relaxing treatment and thus helping to reduce stress and anxiety, hot stone massages can help reduce muscle tension and pain while a warm bamboo massage can increase circulation in the body, improve posture and of course, reduce muscle tension too.

 At VULSINI we have the VULSINI at Home collection, enabling you to continue with your treatments in between visits. And for those of you who may be thinking about moving into the massage industry, we have a range of equipment – including our Hot Stone Heating Bag – as well as training guides and providers.

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