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Getting ready for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas

When looking back at the beginning of the year, January felt like the longest month - even more than most years. However, Halloween has just passed and we are already on the countdown towards Christmas.

Christmas is an ideal opportunity to look at new ways you can increase footfall to your business. As well as the traditional vouchers that you can offer to customers, there are several ways you can grow.

A tried and tested way to increase bookings in the colder months are offers. With the recent budget informing us that the average family is due to be around £3,000 worse off thanks to tax hikes, it is important that everyone who walks through your doors feels that they have had value for their money.

Rather than offering straight reductions, why not put together a package? Many massage settings have other services too such as waxing, manicures or nail care. Putting together a Christmas pamper package including a mix of these - at a slightly lower rate than if bought separately - can make the recipient feel thought about. And who can say no to some quiet time at such a busy time of year?

Another incentive - especially for that small slump after the holidays - is to provide a special treatment purely for January that you can only get if you buy a treatment in December. For instance, all hot stone massages in December can receive a bottle of massage oil when booking their January appointment. These kinds of deals can be relatively low for the provider but can be that all important ‘treat’ to the customer.

Many settings close between Christmas and New Year so this could be the perfect time for you to learn a new skill. If you are already offering warm bamboo treatments why not look into Himalayan salt stone massage? One of the main aims of using Himalayan salt as a base for your massage is to balance the central nervous system, something that we could all do with, especially over the Christmas period!

Finally, your setting needs to reflect not only the festive period but also promote what services you provide. Yes it may be nice to put a small tree up, some tinsel or even a few baubles here and there but make sure you have some imagery showcasing your services. You can find some calming posters that will put the finishing touches to your massage setting.
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