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A Brief Guide to Reflexology

A Brief Guide to Reflexology

If you are new to the art of Reflexology, it is certainly worth exploring further as a new treatment to add to your massage therapy business.

Unlike general massage, reflexology focuses on administering varying degrees of pressure to a few specific areas, namely the ears, hands and feet. It is thought that these particular locations are linked to specific organs and body systems, and by manipulating these points, health benefits can be felt in the corresponding organs or systems. 

The rationale behind how reflexology works depends on who you are speaking to. In Chinese medicine, it is believed that stress prevents the flow of energy (called qi) from moving freely around the body; this imbalance is thought to be the cause of illness, with reflexology clearing these blockages and therefore helping to retain optimum health and wellbeing. Western medicine tends to follow the theory that the body’s complex nervous system responds to outside factors which include touch, with reflexology helping to calm the nervous system and promote relaxation. There are a number of other theories relating to how and why reflexology appears to work so well, but the core principles are the same. 

In addition to the usual relaxation benefits of massage, some believe that it can help to tackle specific conditions or issues, ranging from tackling anxiety and panic, to correcting hormone imbalances and improving fertility through to clearing the sinuses and tackling arthritis. There are also a number of mothers who have sworn by reflexology as a method of alleviating the aches and pains of pregnancy as well as helping to prepare the body for a smooth and calm labour and even bring on the labour process itself!

As with all massage therapies, there is little scientific evidence to prove the direct benefits, but the many satisfied customers and testimonials show that customers have experienced real and significant benefits from this particular treatment. 

The variety of benefits delivered by reflexology means that it could be a great new addition to your menu of services, particularly as it is extremely safe and non-invasive, so suitable for most patients, even those who are very ill. You can use all of your existing equipment and continue to use your favourite Vulsini essential oils as part of the treatment. What’s more, you can even incorporate your Vulsini hot stone massage kit and provide your customers with hot stone reflexology! This particular technique applies pressure to the areas with the heated stones, which can help deepen the state of relaxation. 

There are a number of training providers who can help train you to the required standard to practice reflexology, including more specialist treatments such as for pregnant women or those with serious health conditions. Be sure to seek out a training provider who has a good reputation and can provide you with an appropriate qualification. 

Once you are trained and able to offer the service, consider offering an introductory offer on reflexology treatments to encourage your customers to give your new treatment a go. Also ensure they leave you reviews so that you can use this testimonials to help promote your new service to both existing and new customers. 

Good luck! 

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